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Lucky Mojo Bags

Traditional Southern Style Lucky Mojo Bags For Fast Luck And Success

Fast Luck Success Mojo Bag

If you want luck in a hurry it's best you carry one of our traditional Southern style lucky mojo bags which are specially prepared with either the genuine Algiers formula rubbing oil or the sweet smells of cinnamon, wintergreen and vanilla found in our New Orleans Red Fast Luck Oil. Either way your lucky mojo bag will smack of fast luck and success!

The Lucky Mojo Bag Company custom prepares all it’s lucky mojo bags one at a time using quality herbs, roots, mineral and assorted curios, which are then anointed with spiritual oils also known as rubbing oils, condition oils or hoodoo oils. Once the mixture is prepared it’s placed into a genuine leather bag and tied with a cord. Your lucky mojo bag is then passed through the smoke of incense to cleanse and charge it. It is recommended you carry your lucky mojo bag with you everyday. It can be worn around the neck, carried in your pocket or purse, stuffed inside your underwear or tied to your belt. However you choose to carry it the important thing is to have it with you at all times. While sleeping simply placed your lucky mojo bag is a safe place where no one else can get their hands on it. If someone touches your lucky mojo bag without your permission just cleanse and recharge it by rubbing a dab of spiritual root oil onto the outside of the leather pouch and pass it through the smoke of incense. Carry your lucky mojo bag with you constantly as you do other things like your keys and wallet. Remember, your faith and belief in your lucky mojo bag and what it stands for are the forces that get it working and when you’ve got your mojo workin’ exciting things can happen! Each lucky mojo bag comes with printed instructions on how to cleanse and recharge it. The ritual of cleansing and recharging your mojo bag with incense should be done on a monthly basis to keep your lucky mojo bag strong and active.

Mojo Bags

-Choose The Strength Of Your Lucky Mojo Bag-

REGULAR STRENGTH: Lucky Mojo Bag fixed and prepared with herbs, roots, minerals and curios inside, includes 1 Spiritual Root Oil.

DOUBLE STRENGTH: Lucky Mojo Bag fixed and prepared with double the variety of herbs, roots, minerals and curios inside, includes 1 talisman attached to the outside of the mojo bag and 2 Spiritual Root Oils.

TRIPLE STRENGTH: Lucky Mojo Bag fixed and prepared with triple the variety of herbs, roots, minerals and curios inside, includes 2 talismans attached to the outside of the mojo bag and 3 Spiritual Root Oils.

Crown Of Success Mojo Bag
The Key to Magical Success comes with the use of strong mojo. Fixed and prepared with gold lodestones, gold magnetic sand and other assorted hoodoo curios this mojo bag works fast and quick because it is anointed with special golden calendula success oil. Ginger herb is added for fast action along with lucky hand root and tonka beans, also know as wishing beans. Carry for success in all endeavors, be confident things will work out in your favor, don’t hesitate, act fast and accept good fortune as part of your life!


Fast Luck Mojo Bag
Traditional New Orleans style hoodoo charm bag used to bring you fast luck, luck in a hurry. Fixed and prepared with cinnamon, mint, wintergreen, ginger, tonka vanilla beans and other assorted hoodoo curios this mojo is then anointed with Red Fast Luck oil to really get it going. A basic everyday charm bag that you should never leave home without. Use for all games of chance and when you need things decided in your favor, right away. General fast luck, everyday luck in a hurry, this mojo will change a bad situation into a good one every time.


Great Power Master Hand Mojo Bag
Do you seek money, luck, power and success? Then carry the Master Hand Mojo Bag. Fixed and prepared with High John Root, Low John Root and Southern John Root and anointed with High John the Conqueror Root Oil. This traditional Southern style mojo hand is used by all hoodoo practitioners to gain victory over enemies and to effectively rule, dominate and control all those who may work against them. Control what goes on around you, take charge of all matters that come your way. Have the power to turn bad mojo, bad situations around in your favor. The Master Hand is especially good at making luck, making money and making you successful.


Road Opener Block Buster Mojo Bag
Open all roads and unlock all doors to success and fast luck, be lucky in love, be lucky with money, be lucky in life. Unblock your luck and good fortune and start to draw in new opportunities. Fixed and prepared with the one and only Algiers Style Red Fast Luck oil formula, a sweet smelling lucky hoodoo oil that is known to help with all matters of love, luck, money and gambling. This mojo bag contains gold pyrite mineral, lemon grass to break old conditions, five finger grass, rich black tobacco, allspice herb and other assorted hoodoo curios. A sure winning recipe for removing and clearing out old negative conditions in order to create a free clear path to success and good fortune. Great mojo bag for those who are tired of getting no were in life.


The Big Hand Mojo Bag
This traditional southern style mojo hand contains black tobacco for protection, lucky hand root and African mojo bean for fast luck and big money, lodestone, wishing beans and an assortment of other curios, roots and herbs. Use this mojo hand to obtain your every wish and desire. The Big Hand mojo bag offers money, success, power and daily protection from negativity. Return evil to sender, protection from enemies, both known and unknown.

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